Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God Is Sovereign But...

we all will be called to account.

God is sovereign, it's a given. God knew what would happen tonight and He knew who would win. He knows what the future will bring under this government, and we can find peace in that God is still King of kings, and will ever be. But that does not absolve the guilt of our choices. One day, justice will be served. It will be perfect and swift, and we will all be called to account. Heaven will come to earth and we will know the paradise of peace and the Presence of God, but not before we stand before the Great White Throne.

Tonight, I am unapologetically repentant, convicted of the sin of staying silent. Because of fear and ignorance, I kept quiet the voice and freedom given me. I will be called to account for not standing up for the oppressed, not speaking up for the disenfranchised, and not defending the weak. By God's grace will I be ushered through the pearly gates and hopefully hear 'well done' regarding the sum of my life, but on this account, I will hear no such thing. I would have lost either way tonight, but for giving less than I knew could, I committed the sin of omission, and so I am responsible, accountable, and ashamed.

Tonight I mourn, for millions of little babies, one baby at a time. Each little one is often lost in the faces of millions I see in my calloused imagination, beyond my mind to grasp. But tonight, I mourn for each one, two, three at a time, because each one deserves to be remembered, each one deserves to be mourned, each one deserves to be grieved by someone.

There was an opportunity to overturn an unjust and immoral law. The next president will appoint 2, possibly 4 Supreme Court Justices. Even two unrighteous judges, who saw the fallacy of mere man setting the line between life and death, could have set the nation on the path to save scores of lives. But now, barring a divine interruption, we will most likely have to wait an entire generation to get that chance again.

The precious babies are forgotten and forsaken by the ones called to be their guardians and protectors - mothers, fathers, neighbors, and now God's children. My pain tonight is not just one of defeat, or the loss of an opportunity to defend the disenfranchised and unborn. My pain is also knowing that I was not the only one who stayed silent for fear of social reprisal.

I am a sinner and I have sinned just the same. But in my penitence, let me attempt to teach transgressors another way.

In such a light, may I suggest the following for sober consideration:

-Many believers were motivated more by the economy than by human life, they loved money more than their unborn neighbor.
-Many believers either voted against their conscience, voted out of ignorance, or have badly misinterpreted or ignored the Bible regarding the unborn.
-The ones who were ignorant or misinterpreted the Bible had pastors who didn't tell them otherwise because, among many reasons, they may have been afraid they would lose their tax-exempt status.
-Scores of young people, many of whom are believers, voted their naive way, because the elders who sit at their gates neglected to show them wisdom.
-George W. Bush may have caused 1 million people to die violent deaths in Iraq in the last 5 years, but at least 5.2 million babies will die in just as violent a death in the next 4.
-We have exchanged 8 years of perceived failed policies for 40 more years of almost certain genocide.
-If you believe life begins at conception, you really had only one choice tonight.


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