Wednesday, October 04, 2006

what's happened so far

First of all, I didn't know a post about grapes would get so many comments, especially smart-alecky ones :-). Anyways, at the request of Mr. Daley and company here is how Dave is doing one month into his Vancouver adventure.

Mostly, I've been just trying to absorb my new surroundings. There's a lot to download and digest. Honestly, I'm on information overload and all my thoughts are still raw and unprocessed. In the mean-time, I've been just settling in, getting to know the Kao's and planning for the fall. We'll be ramping up our church activities in October, but so far, its been planning and organizing stuff. I've officially taken over the responsibilities for the worship and I'll be helping out with the youth. Starting in January, I'll also be working on one of the university campuses here, which is getting me very excited.

There's a lot of things up ahead. I'll be spending the next few months figuring out how I'll fit into all these things and how much to be involved in each of these things. Mostly though, I'm realizing that I'm not necessarily called to a ministry, a city or even a church. Right now, I'm here to help Rich, whether its taking out the trash or helping him with his church.

What I'm finding most valuable right now is just the daily life training I'm getting just by being around Rich and Memie. Everyday I learn more about what a godly and healthy family looks like. As some would say, some things are more caught than taught. I'm catching things that would probably take years for me to learn in any other way. I'm probably underestimating the impact that its having on me. I'm very grateful for the Kao's and what they're imparting to me, even stuff they might not quite realize.

I'm also volunteering at a super cool Christian school that the kids go to. Its Spirit-filled and they have a very high standard of excellence. I'm helping out with their 7th grade worship team...that's right, they have a 7th grade worship team. Not only that, but they do prophetic worship. It's so cool! I wish I had a worship team at my school growing up.

What has God been saying to me? Well, its been hard to hear. But he has been speaking. But, for whatever reason, he has been spoon-feeding me. Don't know why. I'm impatient and want to know everything now. I need to just trust.

I'm doing well and having fun. I miss NC, especially friends. It was a blessing to see a lot of you this weekend. And I'm so glad that technology allows me stay more connected. Overall, I'm excited about what God's going to do, but have no idea how to make of what's going on because everything is so new. And as always, let me know how you guys are doing. That is all for now.


At October 06, 2006 5:33 PM , Blogger TwoDaleys said...

Well it's about time... :)

I'm glad to see you have a vision of what you're actually doing there. That helps us to sort things out and prioritize and not get all swamped and then wonder why we still feel useless. So very cool.

You're right about the 'catching' thing. So true.

Way to go, Dave. I'm very proud. Putting up a post that talks about're so brave. ;)

I hope the blessings continue to flow there, for ya.


At October 06, 2006 5:34 PM , Blogger TwoDaleys said...

(Actually that part was supposed to read: "So...very cool." Not 'so very cool', yeah. :)

At October 09, 2006 12:56 PM , Blogger gelfling said...

mmm... "catching it"... delish... :D

(congrats on posting!!!)

so dave, made any friends?

At October 28, 2006 9:26 PM , Blogger TwoDaleys said...

Hey you...thanks for letting us know what's going on with's going on with you now?

(I can play like the simplest ever driving rhythm for worship songs now...and I can play the blues ;)


At November 07, 2006 4:45 AM , Blogger Arielle said...

David Chung! You must post!

At November 07, 2006 12:51 PM , Blogger chung said...

The blues?! That's awesome! I'm so glad you're progessing in worship, although I had no doubt that you would.

Yes, I've been meaning to post. Need to take some more pictures. I will post soon.


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