Monday, September 25, 2006

Gift of Grace

I just finished the third Sunday doing worship here at Five Stones and we had a great time.
This time it was even more special because it was the first Sunday to use the new banners we got with the gift Grace gave to the church on the summer mission's trip. Its really helped brighten the atmosphere. Now everytime I see these banners, my heart will be endeared toward my Grace Church family.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. And its not those kind of banners. These are actually pretty cool.


At September 25, 2006 7:57 PM , Blogger TwoDaleys said...

Those are pretty cool. Suddenly i have the urge to 'get connected'. Weird. ;)

Now i'm going to keep hounding you until you post something about Dave. Consider this your last warning. We want Dave! ;)

At September 25, 2006 10:01 PM , Blogger chung said...

That's right! We're into subliminal advertising here. Its the latest in church marketing. Its sort of like IHOP making you hungry for pancakes.

Okay sir. Your pursuit has caught up with me. I shall post an update on Dave soon. Sigh. The blessing and curse of friends who won't just let you be.

At September 26, 2006 5:54 PM , Blogger Withlaughter said...

When you said banners, my first thought was people dancing with banners on sticks... like the ones we banned from Grace. I was getting worried about you Dave...what's next tambourines ; )

At September 27, 2006 5:30 PM , Blogger TwoDaleys said...

I know...i can be indifferent sometimes and just let people go on and do and be whatever they feel like doing or be however they wind up being...that's part of my personality that's in a sense good, but also relieves me of any feeling of responsibility or keeps me from giving a helping hand where sometimes i should just because i don't want them to feel like i'm trying to make someone do things my way. To put it simply, that's not love. Love doesn't seek to keep it's hands clean from other people's crap. There are lines and boundaries, but, really...i'm pretty much never in danger of crossing them. It's just my personality. ;)

So let's just say i'm learning to express love. (And sometimes that means pushing people a little bit. So consider yourself pushed...and loved...all at the same time.)

At October 03, 2006 8:13 PM , Blogger TwoDaleys said...

Come on, bro...we're all waiting!!!

At October 04, 2006 12:38 PM , Blogger Emma Lynn said...

Hey it's Emma so I was wondering if maybe we could email each other. Lot's to tell and I would like to keep in touch!!!

At October 04, 2006 1:39 PM , Blogger gelfling said...

oooo.. i saw those banners in a catalogue we got in the mail one time... word..

and yeah i know what you're talkin about john, i kind of have that same tendency not to stick my hands in crap... interesting interesting...


i saw dave an he came and hung out in the office with us.. an it was so good to see his little face! we miss you dave!!

(so give us a freaking update!)

At October 05, 2006 12:18 AM , Blogger chung said...

hey little one,
it was great to see you! and it was awesome loitering and folding bullitens in the office with you guys, just like the old days. :-)


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