Monday, June 18, 2007

Building Miracle

I think every church plant is always on the lookout for buildings. As you go about town, you make a mental map of all the places for lease and all the places you wish were for lease. About a month ago, we felt like we hit a place where we really needed a building to move forward with what God was calling us to do. We started actively looking for places, even though we had absolutely no room in our budget for a building. Within a week, we found a place (which is a miracle in itself in a place like Vancouver). Within 10 days, we found the money to finance it. Within a month we signed the lease and took the keys.

It's a 2-story, 2100 sq/ft warehouse which will house the Dream Center, a social action center to help the poor, and meetings for the youth and young adults. The upstairs will house the offices for Five Stones Church, China Transformation Project, Humanitarian International Services Group and Willgo, Inc. We've already outgrown it!

This acquisition of the building is just one of the many miracles I'm witnessing around me right now. Unfortunately, I can't post the other things that are happening on the web. Let me know and I'll mail you a CD of one of Rich's recent sermons where he details what's going on.


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