Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miracle Night at Youth Camp

I would have a hard time believing it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. Tonight, we had our evening session for our 3-day youth camp. Gary Gilbertson and his missions team of college students are here to serve and minster to us. Tonight was an unbelievable night. Gary, after his message, started to pray for kids with uneven limbs and they grew even, right in front of everyone's eyes. Needless to say, all the youth who had gathered around to witness it, were all astonished. And then the college students began to pray for kids with uneven limbs all around the room. And then the youth started to pray for other youth with uneven limbs, and we saw arms and legs grow right in front of us as we prayed!!

Here's what's even more astonishing/funny. Almost every time, the shorter limb grew, then kept growing until it was longer than the other limb. Then it would go back. Sometimes it grew back and forth like that several times. Everyone thought it was funny, except of course the person getting healed. With shear panic, they would tell us to 'put it back, put it back! It happened to me. My right arm was slighty shorter than my left. It grew out until it was further out than my left arm and then went back.

I know, it sounds like some psychological phenomena and we shifted our legs and arms subconsciously. I assure you, I physically tried to keep my arms and legs in place so that wouldn't happen. And you can tell when someone is shifting their legs back and forth because then their whole thigh and hips will move too. In addition, some of these youth's legs and arms were growing and shrinking by several inches! Even the most skeptical kid in the youth group acknowledged that he saw limbs grow. And I'm serious, this kid is EXTREMELY skeptical and cynical, and he admits that he witnessed it.

We so badly needed a breakthrough like this in our youth group and we certainly need it for our city. It was amazing, if you were there you could not have denied it. It was just one of those nights. Paul was once shipwrecked on the island of Malta and the Bible says that EVERYONE on that island was healed. Everyone in our meeting with uneven limbs were healed. By the end of the night, we were looking for people with uneven limbs and couldn't find anymore. Even kids with other ailments were healed too. This one kid was complaining to me all night about a pain in his knee. It was obviously more than just a strain or a sore. He was instantly healed.

The most exciting part was that kids were praying for other kids and doing miracles. They were doing the work of the ministry, and they were operating in the power of the Holy Spirit. How many kids can say they made someone's limbs grow?!


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