Thursday, August 31, 2006

the thunder roles and it smells like sushi

Sounds like a Garth Brooks song, exept of course for the sushi part. Just came back from half-priced sushi night at Sushi Blue's. My stomach is happy with the fusion of raw fish, soft crabs and cream cheese. yum. There's thunder in the skies and we're awaiting the coming storm as I digest my last meal in NC. It will be a memorable night for me as the Carolinas await Hurricane Ernesto and I await the jump into a new season. The turning of the seasons will end with a darkened storm and begin with sushi. How fitting. How symbolic of where I've been and what I sense is coming. God spoke to Job in the eye of the storm. And God is reminding me as He reminded Job that He was God and had every perogotive to do whatever he pleased. That before he met Job's suffering with an abundance of his goodness, He, through a storm, had to show Job that it would be entirely out of His goodness and will that He would bless Job, not out of obligation or even based on Job's faithfulness. I am God, you are not. I will bless because I want to, not because I have to. He wanted to show that what He was about to do for Job originated with God and ends with God. Soley out of Love, no strings attached. As the Piperheads would say, this is how God gets the most glory. And I am again reminded that God is sovereign and He's bigger than I think.

God was not asleep at the wheel.
In fact, the whole thing was his idea.
Job 1:8
Then the LORD said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job?
It was God who gave Satan the idea to afflict Job.

Joel 2:25
"Then I will make up to you for the years
That the swarming locust has eaten,
The creeping locust, the stripping locust and the gnawing locust,
My great army which I sent among you."

It was God who sent the army that consumed the years, and it is God who will make it up.

"He has torn us to pieces
but he will heal us;
he has injured us
but he will bind up our wounds."
God never makes mistakes. It was God the whole time.


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